Here you can see a few examples of some of my work.

Pixel Monsters

Online RPG in production. I work as lead developer and contribute art for promotional materials. The game will initially be released on PC with a later release planned for mobile devices.

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Astro Pigs

Sole developer on this project, partnered with a graphic artist. Video game featuring a flying pig avoiding falling asteroids. Available on Android devices.

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GUG Racing

Cofounder and Web Developer. We manufacture and sell premium aftermarket car parts, specializing in shift knobs. B2C company selling direct through our eCommerce website.

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Business Logo

Simple Monogram that I designed for professional use. Features the first letters of my first and last name. You may have spotted it at a few places on my website.

TWM Performance

Web designer and digital marketer. Designed the latest website for the company as well as html ads (also managed the campaigns for those ads, high click through rates - low costs per click).

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